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Applications for German moderator

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Hey, Stakers :)

We are looking for a German moderator, so if your knowledge of German language is excellent and you are interested in this position, please answer the questions below:


  1. What is your Stake username?
  2. How much time on average do you spend on German chat every day?
  3. Can you briefly explain what the job of a moderator is?
  4. Why do you want to become a moderator on this chat?
  5. Have you ever been warned, muted, or banned? 
  6. Have you ever been a moderator on any other platform?

You will be contacted through the Live Support chat if we choose you for this position :)

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Hello Nenad,

My username on Stake is RealCoinMarcel iam spending my whole life time on stake and the german chatroom.

The job for a Moderator is too keep clean the channel,looking that people talk not rude and follow the rules,that the com talk good to each other,no caps,no insulting and all what make the flow of the chat bad.

i want be mod in this channel from start of the chat and asking already 50x for a new mod there,because the Community growing fast and Lorca can not only handle it alone.

Idk if i got in millions of chat msgs a mute,i think,yes one time for talking with my alt by mistake.

I hope you will choose me,i woud give my best to let the german community growing with good quality in chat :)

I think some people from Stake already know me and i think nobody will say bad words about me.

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Hello my name is Andrija!

 im 31years old and from Serbia but im Born and Raised here in Germany 3rd Generation! currently i have a lot of time and cuz of corona no work until next year! i can and iam online for more then 16hours a day! als i know few german players and have them on telegram/telegram group!                                                                                                                               i also conatact the support chat few times for Mod cuz German chat has no one                                                                          if there is anything more that you want to know feel free ask...

my Stake name is Liquidwalker

the job of a Moderator varied i would say: Responds to comments, Strong communication skills, Knowlege about the site, helping in any kind of situation, online very often!

Reason why i would like to be Moderator is to Make German chat:

because we actually have no Mod over the Months there so many german player not hanging around in the german chat cuz there is nothing to happen no Trivias no Rollhunts just chatting so i understand why they left the chat! i would like to hype the chat up again with some Trivias, Rollhunt and many more just to Entertain them! and ofc also for Helping with problems!

yes i got one time muted for 4hours actually by mistake:

somebody post a bet with a win of 100ETH Neils its was i think and i typed in chat omg why i cant get thisboom muted for rain abuse cuz before somebody rain and Mod thinks i talk about the rain xD

if i was ever a Mod:

Yes i was a Mod on CsgoTab a Jackpot Coinflip site for Csgo Skins Gambling but that was years ago!

pozz: Liquidwalker






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Hey Nenad, hey Stake :)

My stakename is nicvin. Think you don't know me, as I am not a highroller or something like this. But I'm spending toooo much of my time in the german chat (5-10 hours a day) and I love to annoy RealCoinMarcel and all the others that already posted above 😜

I think a mod should be able to bring the chat to life. Motivate people, be funny.. But at the same time he/she has to have a look that the chat rules are followed. Troublemakers must be admonished or muted if necessary.

I was muted once, a long long time ago cuz I posted a reflink. Stupid me.. I still regret, but I learned from this and never did such silly things again..

So, I love the German Stake Community, because it's the very best from all crypto casinos I know. Would be nice if this comm continued to grow and get even better, and if i could contribute something to achieve this goal. 

But whoever you will chose, everyone from all these n00bs that posted above is a reason why this Community is the coolest in the whole cryptogambling space ❤️

I've never been a mod before, but I like trying new things. And I like popcorn. And I'm a girl ;)

Have a nice Day!


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On 10/20/2020 at 7:17 PM, Jessjxx19 said:

Hey Nenad!

My username is Jessjxx19, but my friends simply call me Jess :) 

I am spending over 14 hours a day on stake chatting in the german & english chatroom for over 15 Months now :D I really like the community, especially the german one :D But i also really like to talk in the english chatroom. My German is excellent and my english is quite decent too i think :)  

A moderator is important for every chatroom, he tries to keep the chat as awesome as possible :D  He can also create fun games in chat to keep everyone entertained. A moderator should answer & help every stake player, he should know the rules & warn people that dont follow these rules, for example if some people insult each other. ( And mute them obviously if they dont follow the rules several times in a row). He represents stake, so he should also follow every rule!

I want to become a moderator because i really care about the german chat room. I love this chatroom, its almost like its my family, i know every single person on there for over 15 months now & they know me good too :) But in the last few months, many new people joined our chatroom and obviously some of them dont know the rules and stuff like that. Thats normally not a problem but our only moderator isnt online that often so people think that we dont have any rules :( . So our chatroom needs a moderator that is online every day! And I think i could manage that!

I think the last time i got muted is over 9 months ago because i had a really bad day😅 But i learned from my mistakes and i havent gotten warned or muted since :) 

I have been a moderator on another gambling site ( csgo gambling )  for over a year but i retired because they closed their site sadly :/ But it was a great experience to be a moderator & it was fun to keep the chat as awesome as possible :D 

I wish everyone good luck & a great day! ❤️

Jess :) 


Known her since i joined stake over a year ago, I would say she is definitely the most active in the german chat and I can recommend her :) She would do a good job keeping the chat clean and enjoyable for everyone 

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What is your Stake username?



How much time on average do you spend on German chat every day?

I am on German Chat during the whole day occasionally, maybe about 2 - 5 hours in total.


Can you briefly explain what the job of a moderator is?

Chat mods are meant to keep the community clean, constructive, and welcoming. Mods know the Chat Terms well and take action when someone has broken the rules. Actions include, but are not limited, to providing conduct warnings, issuing temporary silences, mutes/bans or forwarding issued/bugs to the necessary department.


Why do you want to become a moderator on this chat?


I would like to become moderate because I am often on the german chat and I participate a lot in the discussion. I know how to be funny and also impartial if some discussion are toxic. I know well the rules of stake and its working.


Have you ever been warned, muted, or banned?

Yes, unfortunately posted my twitch username after the new rules was activ on chat and a good friend from support Team muted me instantly for 24h :-).


Have you ever been a moderator on any other platform?

I am Admin/MOD on  Social Media Platforms expample Twitch.


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