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🏆 [0.00666666 BTC] ​🎃 Stake Halloween Hunt ​🎃

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🎃 Stake Halloween Hunt 🎃

Ends: with locating all the hidden Halloween items!

Ghostly greetings, dear Stakers! 👻

It's finally here - the spooktacular day has arrived! 🎃 And with whom we are going to celebrate than our beloved Stakers! ❣️ As you are already used to, each year we try to come up with new ways to bring the spirit of Halloween to our site. Besides regular themed challenges and the annual costume contest, we're excited to announce the special challenge we've added on the very Halloween day. Since you all enjoyed our Birthday hunt for hidden items, here we go again, we're organizing a haunted Halloween Hunt, and with double the fun, as you'll have 10 items to locate this time. 

 The concept is following - Our team has hidden 10 items or features that are Halloween-themed, so look specifically for those. We've been very sneaky and creative in finding just the right places where to hide them, and expect nothing less from you in this quest. Sharpen your detective skills and arm yourself with courage, for to locate these hidden items, you'll have to look at most unexpected places, and don't be scared of what you might find. 👻 Open, type, or click anything that you might think it has a certain association with Halloween, and if you end this quest successfully, special treat awaits you. 🍬

May the quest begin! 😎Have fun hunting and Happy Halloween from Stake team. 🎊


  • Find the Halloween item/feature on site, make a screenshot of it and report to this topic.
  • We will notify you if you are the first player who found this specific clue.
  • Make sure to check the topic from time to time to see which clues have been found, and how many of them are left.
  • There is no time span for locating them all; this topic will be closed as soon as all 10/10 items are found and 10 UNIQUE players are credited.
  • 10 unique players will be awarded, so make sure not to try to claim multiple items, even if you find more than one. One award per player is allowed.
  • Make sure not to bother Live Support looking for hints or trying to claim the award for the items that have already been found. No one is entitled to help you; you are on your own on this quest.
  • Trying to claim awards from alts would be most strictly sanctioned.
  • 1 valid entry per household.
  • If you wish to post or to ask anything on this topic, feel free to do so.


Prize Pool: 0.00666666 BTC (for 10 unique winners)

  • Prize pool will be split between 10 unique winners, so 10 best detectives get 0.000666666 BTC each.
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