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​[$1000] The Staker in Paris 🎾🎷 ​


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The Staker in Paris 🎾🎷

Ends: 09/11/20 @ Midday (12pm) GMT 


ATP Paris masters is under way, and for all of you who loves tennis we have prepare some extra spice. ;)

Cheer for your favorite player and earn extra money along the way!




  • Win a multi bet (minimum multiplier 5) with at least one ATP Paris match in it.
  • Odds on tennis match have to be 1.8 or higher (all markets included)
  • You can bet on both pre-match and live markets.
  • Voided, half-loss and half-win bets are not eligible for the challenge!
  • Bets that are cashed out are not eligible for the challenge.
  • Minimum bet amount is set at 1$ (in any coin)
  • Bet must have been made after the commencement of this promotion and it has to be settled before timer expires!
  • 1 valid entry per household.
  • Hidden bets mode must be disabled during the whole duration of the promotion.
  • Do not change your linked account during the whole duration of the promotion.
  • 10+ Post count on the forum.


Prize Pool(s): (based on the number of unique players)

  • Minimum prize pool: $150
  • If over 30 participants: $300
  • If over 40 participants: $450
  • If over 50 participants: $600
  • If over 100 participants: $1000


How to Enter:

  1. Respond to this topic by posting your sport bet ID and a screenshot of the bet itself.
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38 minutes ago, Bravo2095 said:

Question; Does the winner get picked with the highest odds win or is it random winner?

It is just a collective prize pool for everyone

Everyone gets the same amount for it and the multiplier that you get doesn't have an effect on how much you get from it. So someone that gets a 100x multiplier gets the same as someone with a 6x multiplier. You just need to complete the requirements which they give.

For example, if 45 people end up with a winning bet, the prize pool will be distributed as:

$450 (prize pool for 40-49) / 45 (people with a winning bet) = $10 per person 

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