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My simple and humble Strategy...

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Hey guys how are you today...9_9

I usually upload a new video of my strategy at YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC427LNFW9WfBYmHYEamjPTA when i have the time to record it, :D  ( I'm a bit of lazy to edit) but  hope you guys like it and make some profit out of it.

-Please play the game (STAKE CASINO)  at your own risk
-Always Set goal of your Own PROFIT / LOSS
- Always gamble What you can AFFORD to LOOSE
-Don't stick to one game ( explore the site's other game for a change)
-remember this is gambling, anytime you can win or loose

Please don't forget to subscribe and like my videos, it helps me inspire to make new vid's and strat's :x:x:x

Love you guys Good luck as always!!! 




Wheel Game Strategy @ STAKE: THE WHEEL 1-2-30    



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upload of new vids
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41 minutes ago, fourPfive2 said:

Interesting  content man I'm  liking it :)

thanks mate. i do appreciate your kind words.. good luck

41 minutes ago, caveman2528 said:

method was too good , sometimes low balance players also play with low risk ,nice nice good luck

thanks mate. .. good luck , trying my best to edit.. not a pro but still trying :D 

26 minutes ago, Mentari02 said:

high risk bro

yes bro, but you can set a lower stop on profit as your goal..  . good luck :)

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7 minutes ago, gougou said:

Nice strategies.but inam sure they will no hold for long.all players  should  change  strategies every few minutes.dont forget that all are machines with artificial intelligence  so they can understand  fast the strategy  and change them .so use it for a while and if it works its ok

super agree on that mate.  there is always a risk at any game even if you have a big balance.. lol  good luck mate

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