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End of Provably Fair?

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In Stake's world the verification of bets = provably fair.

The ongoing absence of bet records in the archive creates an inability to verify bets. You can't verify what is not there.

Therefore, inability to verify bets = inability to prove fairness.

Stake therefore is no longer provably fair. The question is, does anyone care?





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On 11/11/2020 at 6:38 PM, Rille07 said:

Hi mate, 

do you mean you can't see any archived bets?

I am able to see both new and old bets, and also able to download the bets in a json file. 



Well thats great for you, but there are thousands of bets missing from my archive. In the middle of a json archive file the nonce suddenly jumps a thousand bets. Missing bets aren't verifiable.image.thumb.png.b58c03754609e93cbac57d9022b9250b.png

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