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How to recover from losses?


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Usually, the more you chase something the further it gets. Try to see your loss as a valuable lesson. 

Try again with an empty mind and set an amount that you can afford to lose. With an empty mind, you won't have all the negative thoughts or pressure like you do when chasing after your losses. 

Hopefully you can have fun and enjoy your time while playing and at the same time winning! 

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First of all don't put yourself in a position where you feel you need to recover. 
Never bet more than 5-10% bankroll on a single bet. Theoretically if you bet 10% you have 10 bets, in practice you have way more because you're placing lower stake after every loss.

If you're only betting 5-10% you aren't putting very much psychological pressure on yourself, rather than playing 15%+

It's easier to recover lower% bets than higher.

If you however do want to play ALL IN, do it as a separate project and don't mix it with your regular bets

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You can never have intentions of recovering losses while gambling, you’ll only upset yourself in the long run. Enjoy your funds while you have them and if you get lucky and get above you deposit and feel you’ve played enough then withdraw, if that point never comes then wait a few days and try to get lucky again!

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