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Hilo:164,104,800 placed by ri1ey
Wagered: 0.00000050 Payout: 196.36x Profit: 0.00009768 


Hilo:164,140,429 placed by ri1ey
Wagered: 0.00000074 Payout: 309.41x Profit: 0.00022822 





@Irena you definitely should check this from time to time xDD


Hilo:164,196,185 placed by ri1ey
Wagered: 0.00000050 Payout: 294.54x Profit: 0.00014677 


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Hilo:172,742,955 placed by kulegutten
Wagered: 0.00000200 Payout: 221.28x Profit: 0.00044056 


Hilo:172,756,690 placed by kulegutten
Wagered: 0.00000250 Payout: 337.03x Profit: 0.00084007 

2 if my recent ones i'll post more later :P

Hilo:108,993,860 placed by kulegutten
Wagered: 0.00003000 Payout: 52.46x Profit: 0.00154377 


Hilo:109,011,445 placed by kulegutten
Wagered: 0.00002000 Payout: 67.44x Profit: 0.00132876 


Hilo:112,293,934 placed by kulegutten
Wagered: 0.00000500 Payout: 271.88x Profit: 0.00135439 


Hilo:113,775,098 placed by kulegutten
Wagered: 0.00001634 Payout: 60.42x Profit: 0.00097088 


Hilo:118,874,087 placed by kulegutten
Wagered: 0.00016000 Payout: 83.66x Profit: 0.01322480 


Hilo:170,559,692 placed by kulegutten
Wagered: 0.00005000 Payout: 117.81x Profit: 0.00584071 

Here are some ones i had in my text document xD

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17 hours ago, DreamStage said:

I once got 4x Aces but with 0 bet.... I wanted to kill myself

I got same with 400 sats bet but went HI after 3rd ace and lost. I literally threw away my laptop. Gr.

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3 minutes ago, akki785 said:

@ri1ey have the mind, to share some strategy with us..??  Or you don't wanna disclose your golden strategy..????

Low bet, dare for risky multipliers and close eyes when clicking "Same" xD

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