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Hilo:164,104,800 placed by ri1ey
Wagered: 0.00000050 Payout: 196.36x Profit: 0.00009768 


Hilo:164,140,429 placed by ri1ey
Wagered: 0.00000074 Payout: 309.41x Profit: 0.00022822 





@Irena you definitely should check this from time to time xDD


Hilo:164,196,185 placed by ri1ey
Wagered: 0.00000050 Payout: 294.54x Profit: 0.00014677 


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Hilo:172,742,955 placed by kulegutten
Wagered: 0.00000200 Payout: 221.28x Profit: 0.00044056 


Hilo:172,756,690 placed by kulegutten
Wagered: 0.00000250 Payout: 337.03x Profit: 0.00084007 

2 if my recent ones i'll post more later :P

Hilo:108,993,860 placed by kulegutten
Wagered: 0.00003000 Payout: 52.46x Profit: 0.00154377 


Hilo:109,011,445 placed by kulegutten
Wagered: 0.00002000 Payout: 67.44x Profit: 0.00132876 


Hilo:112,293,934 placed by kulegutten
Wagered: 0.00000500 Payout: 271.88x Profit: 0.00135439 


Hilo:113,775,098 placed by kulegutten
Wagered: 0.00001634 Payout: 60.42x Profit: 0.00097088 


Hilo:118,874,087 placed by kulegutten
Wagered: 0.00016000 Payout: 83.66x Profit: 0.01322480 


Hilo:170,559,692 placed by kulegutten
Wagered: 0.00005000 Payout: 117.81x Profit: 0.00584071 

Here are some ones i had in my text document xD

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