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Perm muted people

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hello dear stakers,mods,admins and support team

I'll talk about perm muted people.

first of all, as I heard from many support members and moderators, perm mutes would never be removed and the rules are same for everyone.

recently i saw and heard that 2 people got unmuted, their violations are pretty much the same as mine. ( they got unmuted, but my perm still going on )

shows that these rules aren't the same for everyone :P

there are many plats and diamonds out there, that are at least as violating rules as I do, but they are still alive.

I have a suggestion, give people who perm muted another chance, we are all human beings, everyone can make mistakes but people can change themselves.

for example me, im perm muted 2nd time about 150 days ago. for asking fund, I have been here for 3 years and I have no intention of going anywhere.

If there was someone else in my place, they would have abandoned stake already. but im still here, im always here like Eddies says :)






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I know that Osman broke the rules, and many people still break them. As the Polish saying goes, up to 3 times a piece, as a platinum player and a nice person who loves everyone, I also applaud and subscribe to this request. Please unmute him, I'll keep an eye on him! Give him a shot, he's a really good and helpful person (we're all human). I have screened over 100 diamond and platinum conversations who break the rules and didn't get perm-banned. Your friend and friend of Osman - Seth Silver. 

Ps. Sorry, my english is trash.

Ps.2 Let us treat everyone equally

Ps.3 I take responsibility for him - if Osman breaks rules again - ban me. 

Ps.4  I would not like to upload screenshots with a dozen other people as higher VIPs break the rules more often than Osman, so please consider my request positively.

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I got an eternal mut, on the complaint of a player with whom there was a war a few days before the mut, and who also did not restrain himself in emotions. Then, as it turned out, I got the mut at the request of a moderator from another casino. So I have been sitting in a muta for more than 2 years and it is useless to write to support and administrators, they direct me to appeal to moderators who act in their personal interests. If I were a malicious violator, I would have already left the dice or created another account for myself, as others do. The support does not want to work and solve the problems of the players, they don't care, so the support drops these responsibilities on the moderators. well, the moderator, in turn, as I said, act in their own interests.

I also asked the support to open me at least 2 “challenge” and “sports” chat rooms where I could complete challenges and give and receive advice on sports betting. But this is also a failure.

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Hello, I’m a plat player, too. I got muted last Nov for promoting my twitch channel in the chat (new on stake that time), people on chat kept telling me not to do it, but I was hard headed and didn’t listen to them. I know I was wrong and I was sorry.

When I reached platinum, my VIP host helped me and unmuted me, because he saw my sincerity. 

When I got unmuted all I said was “nakalaya na ko” which literally means “I’m free”. And did some rains for the chat. 2 minutes later, I got muted again without explanation. 

Then I asked my VIP host what happened.

To make long story short: VIP host unmuted me again. 

This time, I didn’t speak or chat at all. All I did was to give people tips and rains. 2 minutes later, I got muted again. 

I think Truemeng (Pinoy Mod) really hates me, but I understand she’s just doing her job. 

Well, good luck to us then. 





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