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Your biggest wins ever/Life changing stories

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Hi there

there are people here who have won life changing sums of money through sports betting or casinos .


so this question is for all those guys to come up and share your story and maybe proof of a big payout if possible to inspire othere on this platform to keep going to get that big win one day:) 


also many here are wondering if stake has paid put very big bets especially in sports betting where you can literally get odds like 500,000/1. 

so who has hit the biggest number here?

200,000$ , 500,000$ 

whats the biggest wins on stake!


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Before I learned about Stake I was playing on a crappy competitor site and hit 16k one night followed by 22k two days later (off Sweet Bonanza). Obviously not life changing money, but being freshly laid off due to Covid it should have been a nice little safety net while I looked for a new job. I say "it should have been" because instead of being responsible/acting like a normal person, I decided to, uh, indulge, and allowed my degeneracy to take over. Long story short, I punted the majority of the 38k away in about 2 days lol. Bright side is I know it was a lesson I needed to learn, and learn from it I did 🙂

Ahhh, good times lol     

My deposit/withdrawal history from those few days, look at the dates lol:





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was in debt of 500 bucks. 

took my last 300 bucks to gamble on stake, multiple games during my school hours(while I was in campus)

made it up to 10K, in a couple of hours. and got to withdraw them all.

thought I could pay my bills and shit after 



lost it all the day after. I was too greedy and stupid. im still recovering from this loss HAHAHA

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Ive seen so many people win life changing amounts (like all different amounts that correlate to how wealthy or poor they are in general) and like 90% of these people always say how they ended up losing it all back not long after. How can people be so dumb and irresponsible? The ultimate goal of gambling is to win a life changing amount of momey is it not?? So when you finally hit it, why the fuck would you keep playing there’s absolutely no point. My biggest ever win was 4k in one day on stake (played on roobet for 6 months every single day and never once did i win 1k or more that site is such a scam) and when i won that 4k i took the money and bought so much shit i needed, payed some bills for myself and my dad, tipped some close people, did a $100 rain, and then i put 1500 away in my safe. I didnt gamble again until 2 weeks later and yeah obviously i didnt win for shit after that for a while but thats fine, the point of all this is to be RESPONSIBLE when you do hit that big win, dont keep playing like an idiot because i promise you stake will 100% get it back from you and then youre just going to be pissed off and depressed and miserable for a while. 

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