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Please add a "Rain" bar on top of chat screen

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I think I have a small solution for a irritating problem on Stake.com ....  ;)

There are a lot of people (mostly newbies) asking for "Rain" or complaining about "Not getting any rain" in the chat channel... and mods and users have to continuously inform them that there are a $1000 wager requirement before you are eligible for "Rain".  ::)

Why can Stake.com not develop 'n status bar on top of the chat, like we have with the VIP ranking bar.. that will show your progress to the $1000 wager requirement to be eligible for the "rain"?

This will also reduce the burden on Support to answer this question, when the users contact them for their stats? What do you think, will this work?

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This will only create more problem!

If u see u r eligible and still doesn't receive rains..what woulf u do..

Remember Rains are max at 25 person per rain..there r thousands of players on stake and basically all active players r above $1000 wager a week..also, u have to be on chat once it rains..

The reality is not all really will get rains even if one is eligible.

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