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Saying your bored on chat.

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support and mods always cracking down on passive beggars, but one thing I don't understand is why certain things or phrases are ignored and not looked at as being passive. 

The biggest for me is people saying there bored.  Next to that is stating that your broke.  Last but not least is player saying stuff like I'm leaving and or leaving and not coming back, when 50% of the time these player have no intention of leaving, much less not to come back. 

It all boils down to players looking for sympathy from others, along with a tip.

If your so bored then leave.  Why would anyone hang around an online casino without funds and then say there bored.  Only logical explanation is hoping someone will take notice, feel bad and tip.  

Its one thing to say in chat that you busted. Once in a while.   But there players there that will make a point of saying "damn busted" every 10 min reload they lose.   Who cares if you busted your $0.10 reload.   Its passive and thats all there is to it. 

Is there anyone out there that disagrees? If so, please explain what the purpose of telling all in chat that your broke and or bored would be.  Or to say your leaving and don't leave. (Yes you can say your leaving and decide to stay) but the players I'm referring to do it all the time and quite often there comment is followed shortly by a tip. 

Where is the line drawn as to whats passive and whats acceptable? 

I really think that Stake needs to revisit the things they look at as passive, and Crack down. 

If mods were throwing out mutes to all who say these things Every Time they see it.(maybe a warning first) then I'm certain that we would all, see a huge drop in players saying these things.   

Yes in the beginning it would be a full time job for mods. But it wouldn't last forever, because repeat offenders would eventually become permanently banned.  I feel that its gotten so out of hand that most mods or support ignore most of these things cause there's just so many people saying the them, it becomes overwhelming and may feel impossible to moderate.  Or because the offending player is friendly and or well known in chat,and passive comments get overlooked.

Its not just the fact that its passive but its the fact that it brings down moral in chat, and negativity is contagious.   In my opinion a good number of messages being sent in chat are passive.   

Should just be things in chat we don't say.   Others that if said, are said only once. 

But as far as I'm concerned saying your bored in chat should never be said.   

Doesn't look very good when new players enter chat and see a bunch of players saying there bored.  Must be a great Casino then.  Not just that but gives them the impression that these behaviors are acceptable, and maybe even rewarded.  

I feel that if there is one thing at stake that would make a new player choose not to participate in chat its the amount of passive begging and negativity. 

Please feel free to ad to this anything else you think is passive and being ignored. 

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