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🏆 ($300) Stake 3 Slots Challenge | Week 15 🎰🕺💃

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Hey everyone!

Thanks to everyone who played on Gift Shop last week, we saw some big wins! If you are yet to claim your coupon from that challenge, a link will be left at the bottom of this post for you.

Now for Week 15. It's time for a big boy game and we've turned to Pragmatic once again for their very volatile Dance Party slots!

Game Link 👉 https://stake.com/casino/games/pragmatic-dance-party


Here are the ground rules and prizepool setup:

Minimum bet is 20c. Any bets that are on fun play/with nothing staked will not count.

Multipliers must be 60x or higher.

The higher the multiplier, the higher the share in the prizepool.

If you submit a post to this challenge and hit a higher multiplier than your first submission, you must delete your original post so we can get a better idea of how many unique participants there are. Anyone with multiple posts on this challenge by the time it expires will be disqualified.

Please ensure that your Stake username/ID is either linked to your forum account or in your post so we can swiftly organise payment if you win.

How to Enter:

Paste your bet ID (and screenshot of the bet - preferably).

Good luck!

Gift Shop Coupon Link 👉 https://stake.com/?bonus=GiftShopForumSlots

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