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How to hit the x77000 multiplier on Dice? My strategy :-)


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Hi Mistaker !! Finally I saw a great post on the forum that deserves close attention  :) 

Indeed dice is my favorite game, which I have been studying closely for over two years now. 

I always play in the long run, relying on mathematical calculations. I spent a lot of time calculating the onloss for various multipliers. At the same time, she took into account the house advantage and the number of reds. In general, I did a great job before I came to a profitable game. But I have always used an increase on a loss and never thought an increase on a win. This is a very interesting idea. You puzzled me :) 

I carried out a number of preliminary calculations and came to the conclusion that your strategy in the long term can bring more profit and may even be less dangerous. But a number of questions also arise. I never use one factor for a long time. It's boring. But if you change the multiplier, how many green rolls in a row will be applicable to it? For example x6.6 or 5.5? What percentage to use when winning? How many rolls can it take to wait for a profitable strip? So it's time for new experiments  :) Thanks Mistaker :)

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