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What device do you use for playing on Stake?


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I am using a custom built desktop PC and sometimes I play on my laptop. A custom built Alienware Area-51m R2.  And no, I'm not a gamer.. I'm a semi-professional poker player,  multi-tabling (without overdoing it, of course) is a great tool to use to help battle variance.  With large amounts of $$ on the line at any given moment, slow, freezing computers just don't cut it. lol..





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I play stake on pc, but I also enter my phone xiaomi note 8 and it is faster than the pc, I have not updated it for a long time, it is mid-range. I also have a laptop but the games don't go very fast. I think they need more cores in the processor regardless of the ram memory, the processor is more important. greetings guys.

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On 12/27/2020 at 10:25 PM, JacksonPalmer said:

I am only playing on my desktop pc. Played on my phone like 3 times, every time I did that I lost a huge chunk of money, can not recommend. What I prefer while playing on the desktop is the big screen which makes everything way more easy to keep track of your bets. 

I usually play on my phone but sometimes I get to use an iMac (huge by comparison). 

The initial experience was insanely enjoyable, being able to view everything that was going on - betting stats/chat/settings, the list goes on!

My worst gripe with playing on Mobile is retreating into my hermit shell when playing as we can’t even have the chat open and miss out on so much! 

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