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John Daly: I lost $55 Million Gambling

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I do not understand people who invest so much in casinos and slots. If you know that you are a gambler, then do not play. Or play, but with a strictly limited amount

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Hello everybody 

I see myself as and regular player on stake, and some would even say consistent , I myself have invested a long time taking the gradual pace to an unheard of level , yet the outcomes appear to be worth the exertion when you have a decent solid equalization. 

At that point since I am feeling super fortunate for aggregating the equalization I have I do the most exceedingly terrible thing to in betting , 

I raise the wager .... 

Awful thought ! it at that point turns into a descending winding of pursuing the past misfortunes to endeavor to get back you balance , 

It doesn't work!..... 

Obviosly raising the wagered will bring down you balance twice as quick , add that to the reality your fortunes appears to have run dry and red is obviously your new most loved shading and you wind up falling at a disturbing rate. 

I need to concede I have done this so often and I never under any circumstance learn , 

Are you on indistinguishable ride from me ? 

What number of lose in a fraction of the time it took to win ? 

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