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Any trick to increase vip level fast for newbie?

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Anyone know if a games house edge effects the rate of progression through the VIP program? I don’t think it does, but I’m not positive. 

What I mean is, does wagering $1000 on a game with a 1% house edge equal the same VIP progression as wagering $1000 on a game with a 4% house edge? If house edge doesn’t matter, than the dice strat is the way to go for boosting VIP level IMO. 

7 minutes ago, Mzak said:

Dice or mines 1 mine if you don't mind putting more at risk and taking more time 

Hey whatsup brother?! Didn’t know you posted here!

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Yeah I don't but apparently I need 10 posts to win anything or to enter anything that has prizes and I did the Hilo thing. May as well put some posts out . 

And yeah I I think vip wagering is based on dollar value however percentage wise u can wager more progressively on sports book 3x as they say cheers bro goodluck

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