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Most paying slots for you?

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I'm new to this, but I like Book of Dead so far. I win every time ;) Anyway, I'm open to suggestions and reccomandations. I tend to choose games that don't require a deposit as I'm a begginner and I'm not risking all yet, hahaha. Everyday I'm searching for new backinamo slots on https://backinamo.uk/ . This is becoming very addictive for me, I always feel the urge to try some new game that it'd potentally bring me a fortune. I don't know if this is good or not, the pandemic made me do this. I was too bored, I had no occupation, no job. I was fired and I needed a way of making money. It's not the healthiest way, I know, but it's been good so far. Let's see what the future holds, but I've got good vibes about it, not gonna lie ;) Any tips&tricks for begginners are welcomed.

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As I have played a lot of slots, i can say that Tome of Madness pays me the most. It doesnt hit like huge mostly around 50x to 150x but it is quite constant and pays good. I think the games which pay the most for everyone is the ones which we play the most in general.

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