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Most paying slots for you?


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Slots? What does that mean? I am new in this betting industry, so I am looking for people that can help me with information. As you can see am not so experienced, so in case there is someone that will give me a hand, I will be grateful. By the way, about betting platforms, which one you guys are using, because I am looking for a safe one,but I found only https://footyguru365.com/bet-of-the-day.php , so I am waiting for your suggestions. Thank you in advance. Hope one day I will become an experience betting person, or how are these people called? See, I am not experienced at all.

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I like Stake Originals Scarab Spin because it offers you the choice of the number of lines, but the most important thing is that you can play with any amount you desire in crypto, so you can develop some strats increasing gradually the bet amount if you want, instead of jumping from usd 0.1 to usd 0.2 for example. And you can risk very small amounts like 1 litoshi. Also, you can get very high multipliers, I got more than 4000X.


For some time I did not play other providers slots, now Im testing them, but there are looooots of them.


Tome of Madness does pay good prizes, and I also like the polished graphics and sounds, several ppl in this topic mentioned it. You usually get free spins often. I prefer slots where you get some prize often, and not the ones that if you are unlucky you play for hours without hitting.


I got good hits on "Demon" and I also like the soundtrack, but the min bet is a bit high at $0.3.


Im starting to test "Fire in the Hole" and looks good, has the potential of giving high multipliers, and already got a pair of good hits.




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On 3/19/2021 at 12:01 AM, DankMexican said:

Tiki pop! got my first 1000 x on there

Curious, any idea how many spins that took roughly? I’m really frustrated with tiki pop right now. I just finished 1900 spins and only hit the bonus 5xs, that seems really low compared to every other slot I’ve ever played and the buy in is 100x. At the best I’d expect 19 bonuses by now, the worst maybe 10. I get 5 and all 5 of those were dud multipliers, the highest being 38x.  I keep playing as I’m hoping the tides turn. If slots are supposed to have a 97 return rate, I think 1900 spins would be a good sample. But I’m still in a big hole. Hopefully I hit it big, really big soon. 

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