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Best way to get Bet ID from API bets?

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Hey everyone!

So I noticed that after placing a few bets on the dicebot, I got the following result when I looked up the Bet ID: 86d9eda7-35d3-49f2-abde-a7f91dd8977e

I tried to locate the bet in my bet history on stake, but the Offset could not be above 1000. So I would like to know what the best way is the get the bet ID?

I will tag @Danand @Seuntjieas they have knowledge of the Stake API and how it works. Any insights into this would be wonderful!

PS: The old way of getting the bet ID would be via this link: https://api.primedice.com/graphql?query={ bet(betId: "86d9eda7-35d3-49f2-abde-a7f91dd8977e") { iid } }

Any suggestions/comments would be great :)

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