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​ ❄ [$500] Christmas Magic | Costume Challenge ​❄

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My Entry For The Best Christmas Tree
It might be the last day of the year, am I the only one left with the Christmas spirit. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, the Stakemas Tree! 
A Christmas setup inspired by the best crypto Gambling experience. Merry Christmas to all you beautiful lads at stake and Happy New Year!

NB. Photo quality is much better but stake only allows 2 MB max 🥺





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Hello, Stakers! :D

Claim your prize on the link below:

Make sure you are logged in to the proper account!

The Winners are:

  • Most Creative/Original Christmas costume: @TvCasinoRandom- 100$
  • Best Christmas Tree: @dobriak- 100$
  • The best gingerbread house/plate of cookies: @Zamia2001- 100$
  • The best Stake inspired Snowman: @JulyaVGO- 100$

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you for participating :D


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