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$100,000 Christmas Giveaway Results!

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I would like to voice my opinion here and its something I feel very strongly about as many have stated similar opinions on this.  


Why arent these raffles capped at 1 WIN PER PLAYER?  It makes no sense to me.  I am only plat4 but to me these raffles and giveaways should be about bronze players or non-vips that just joined but are fighting throught the ranks as much if not more than it is about the plat6 and diamond players.   To cap the raffles at 1 prize per player you ensure that the players that only have a few tickets actually have a chance at winning a prize.   


I had like 600 something tickets for this raffle and I didnt feel I had any chance at winning, so how do you think the players that have 2 tickets or 5 tickets or 50 tickets felt there chances were?  I cant guess at what the odds were for somebody that had less than 100 tickets for this raffle were as I have no clue how many ticoets were part of the lottery.  What I do know is the odds of the top 25 players here have the odds drastically in their favor and for what?  5 or 6k?   I mean those top 25 or so players must have weekly bonuses bigger than that and if not surely their monthly is.........and thats every month. 


I beg Eddie and the rest of the admins to consider limiting raffles to 1 prize per player as a permanent rule change going forward.  I am most definetely a gambling man and Im not afraid to say this but it would take one greedy and selfish individual to oppose such a change.   Ask all the players diamond+ if they oppose changing future raffles to one prize per player.  


To some $1,000 is a few bets, these people are the minoriry tho.  To many, $1,000 in their Stake.com wallet is their dream and something many have never had the pleasure of ever seeing, these players are the majority. The represent this casino as much as one of the players that hold legendary status and are in top three of the daily race almost everyday.  Im not saying those diamond players DONT deserve to win as they clearly represent a large amount of the wagers made on site,  putting in a lot of time and money. 


What I am saying is why not give it to the players that look at a $1000 raffle win as potentially life changing and a story they will tell for the rest of their lives versus giving almost all prizes to such a few players that doesnt amount to the value of the bonuses they regularly get from Stake being so generous as you are already are to the players.  These players should be the players you should want winning these raffles, at least be given a better chance to win. 


 These are the players I want to see win these raffles.  I wanna hear someone talk about winning a raffle prize for years afterward because thats how much it meant to them.  I want to hear about how that money gave somebody an opportunity that they never would have had because they didnt have the money.   I want to see more of the prizes going to the players that would freak out if they won.  Just lose their shit.  No diamond player starts screaming like a girl at a Justin Beiber concert for 1k.  Some of the players that havent ever won that much would tho............well maybe..............ok but its possible so lay off.


It was a long time ago now but I still remember when I won my first poker tournament.   It was a live tourney at a poker house so not online.  I wish I could feel that way again, it was an amazing feeling.  I was so excited that after getting my money I ended up driving home so fast that I didnt ever put the money away, just drove home with it pinned between my hand and the steering wheel.  I could only imagine if a officer pulled up next to me at a traffic stop then looked over and sees the young man in his early 20's driving with the biggest grin on his face and a crap ton of money in his hand like he just robbed somebody then stole a car.  Lol.   I think more players should have memories like that.  Give the underdog a better chance to win a sum of money that could change a life.  


Now if any who read this are thinking I am just saying this because I didnt win, you are wrong and go into English chat and ask about me and how much I have given to those players when I won and admins you can see my profile so you can see how much I give back.  I am not one of the players I just talked about who deserve a better chance to win a prize in the raffles.  I am in that minority of players that has been somewhat of a lucky punter for most of my life but I know what that amount means when you dont have it.   I just want to see more players who have never have never won that much before get an opportunity.  Changing the rules to hardcap at 1 prize per player would offer such an opportunity.........I hope.   



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