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New Stake Race Prizes! Vote now!


Stake Races!  

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  1. 1. Are the new race prizes better?

    • Yes! Spead the money over more positions
    • No! Change it back like before

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If you've ever made a bet on Stake you not only know what the races are but you've already participated in them. As you probably know the previous format funnels majority of the prize pool into the top positions but with this new format we aim to more evenly spread the distributon of money into more positions.

Races do cover 100 positions but take a look at the top 25 to get a better idea of the new and old values of each position. Vote which format you think is better and tell us why in a comment below. Also be sure to leave any suggestions or general feedback you have on races! 🏁


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I definitely like this new spread of prizes over the old format. Considering the massive influx of new players over the last few months it's gotten even harder to even place in the top 100 for these races and the tops few positions are usually taken by a select few of the biggest players anyways.

I think it's more equitable for the rest of the community this way.

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As much as I loved races and the mega race, I do think stake could have some variation inbetween. Instead of having races all week maybe come up with different sort of roll hunts that last for the same duration. 

I've seen some sites do something similar but I know stake can do it better and come with their own cool concept. 

Cause the daily 24 hr races will at some point be kinda boring to others as well 🤷‍♂️

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Prefer new rewards much more, also liked it when the mega race coupon was for top 50 people

Not really a big fan of races but can't really think of any suggestions apart from perhaps:

Problem: I'm sure some of the huge high rollers, wagering 200 btc etc, probably won't even notice or be trying to compete for 12.5% of $1000/$5000, but you don't exclude your best customers.

Solution: Add a button to enter the race, maybe not all races, but mega race seems reasonable, if a whale really does want to compete, all they have to do is click 1 button


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I do like it this new way because nowi may have a chance to place ever!....but its tricky because you have to make it worth your while to shoot for the top few spots or people may lose interest and just walk away instead of wagering to move ahead. the battles to jump one another or move up those one or two spots at the end has to have enough value to make those scenarios seem reasonable to risk aiming for. It cant always be just about bragging rights and bravado (unless you went to Donald Trump university and have a bankroll like his lol!).

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