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Craps by Evolution Gaming


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Hi, I was just playing live craps by evolution gaming. What I realised is I cannot add or remove place bets, which I should be able to. This is always happening on the next roll after you placed your bets.

So for example, you put place bets, a roll happens, after that you cant remove the place bets from the previous rolls. This bug is a dealbreaker for me. Also, apparently this bug is also noticed by other people shown in other forums like Reddit. 

I hope with this post that the bugs could be noticed by the moderators and forwarded to evolution gaming. 

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These are not bugs they just have different rules. 

You can not take down any bets

You can not put any bets in the off position


It might seem unfair but really are just other rules


In some sithuations I do not find it bad, example dont come on 5, number is 6, 6 hits, now your dont come is ON , so you can bet on dont pass and be hedged on that roll

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I feel that really ruins the game, whats the point of and "On" and "Off" button if your bets are not even turned off during come out rolls. It raises the house edge incredibly vs land casinos.


Happened many time, theres a good point roll, i press my bets and they're all pretty large, point gets hit, new round begins, and BAM a 7 wipes everything clean.

Insuring your place bets with a 1:4 odds on 7 is not worth on come out rolls at all. 


But all in all, i really enjoy the game, and glad they added craps to online gaming, my hands have been itching for more action packed games🥳🎉

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I dont think it raises the house edge, you can get the RTP from the menu which should be caculated on bettting donts only with current rules. 


Here is my DARK CROSS 

use at your own risk


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46 minutes ago, bblazebblank said:

All in all, I still think this is a great step towards online live dealer craps. But, I still stand by that fixing this would make the experience much more better

My first experience with Evolution Gaming Craps was horrible. My first bet was on the pass line. I then placed $200 on 6 and $200 on 8. When my pass line bet won, I went to turn off my placed bets and only then did I realize, those bets are stuck. You can probably guess what happened on the very next roll. You got it.... 7 on the come out 😡

Let's be honest here. If you can't remove placed bets and can't turn button on or off, THEN THIS IS NOT CRAPS. Evolution Gaming stands by their rule change and will keep it as long as there are idiots dumb enough to keep playing it. You want to see it changed?? Well stop playing and hope people smarten up. Its quite disgusting they call it Craps, and don't warn players when they put money on the numbers. No one reads the rules for a game they are already familiar with and they are taking advantage of that. 

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