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Hi guys, i want to ask u all a question. 

Do you have a slot or some slots that everytime u played that u feel like u will never win? I personally feel like that everytime i play games like wild west gold or deadwood... but they’re not in my ban list.

The question is U have a “list” of ur personal banned slots ?  

( 2 personal votes max allowed max for classification)

I’m just curious to see which is the most hated slot here on stake.com and why... thanks all and have a nice day. 🥳🥳


Most hated slots awards: (updating)

Regular sweet Bonanza: 20 votes

dead or alive: 4 votes

dog house: 4 vote

Wild west gold: 3 votes

pirate gold deluxe: 2 votes

Money train: 2 votes

Xmas bonanza: 1vote

Snake arena: 1 vote

dead or alive2: 1 votes

fruit party: 1 vote

Jammin jars: 1 vote

Swords and the grail: 1 vote

Mysterious release the kraken: 1 vote

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  • Gabp99 changed the title to The most hated slot

Haha I love this discussion. My personal no go is Pirate gold deluxe. I gave it thousands of spins and in return only had ONE ridiculous bonus. 
Never again^^

I also judge a lot of slots by their provider. Some are known to be shittier than others...

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LOL YEAH There's a slot called Pirate's Gold Deluxe. It was released exclusively on stake first and they sent a few emails before release to create hype and stuff lol. It's been 3-4 months or maybe. But ever since that came out. I have been feeding it actively. Doing regular spins not even bonus buys lol. Whatever I get goes 75% to that slots. It's like I can't win on it no matter what lol 

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