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Hi @Darko i can't send message directly to you so i am posting it here.

Regarding the recent Sports challenge/promotion " Shooter". I have enter and did all steps correctly but i was not given the bonus, please recheck to see the error. Idk if this just for me or others as well who have enter the competition.





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44 minutes ago, 999qwerty999 said:

Hi, I didn't get a bonus either. Although I have fulfilled all requirements



You haven't met the requirements, your bet wasn't on NBA matches which is why you are not eligible for the prize,

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6 hours ago, jinand said:

Can you please elaborate , i have no idea i did it wrong

Oh shit , i got it now 😂😂😂

I see this all the time. 
There was a dice challenge last week - people uploaded results from keno, plinko, limbo... :) 

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