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12 hours ago, TheGreenTree said:

They certainly do. Especially like the fact the withdrawals are instant. Never had to wait more than 10 mins to get my withdrawal.



@Burgerwcheese Though, I am certainly interested to know how do you run 10$ to those insane amounts? XD


With lots and lots of practice. I think over the last few weeks I've probably busted a hundred deposits. Eventually you got to win sometime and when you do finally win it's always nice when you get that streak that lasts the good 24 to 48 hours sometimes even longer

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Stake does Pay out! No scam. 

1. Make sure you put the correct wallet address in.

2. If it takes time to withdraw that might be the cypto network (to many transactions) nothing to do with stake. WAY BETTER THAN 3-5 business days to process ur withdrawal TBH

Im very sure that people who say stake is a scam is a user that lost all his money and is mad lol

Stake is the best online casino. But since 2018 this has been my go to site. Stake #1


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I cant believe this man is not just luck you are amazing lucky or just too good . Tell us more on which game you play also what are ussualy the bet amount you make at the same time i share other thing that is fucking no luck 345 bet on 1.01 with 12 reds i just this kill me is not my but i also have same cases some time ... thats why i stop try wagger just play my game now and loose again of course :DD 


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