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New promo suggestions

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Can we have more promotions? Here are a couple suggestions:

  • Stake originals X3 wager event.  (Jackpot perhaps on stake originals as well?)
  • -Sports: bet more than $5 on a $1.5 or higher ticket get a $5 ticket for free 
  • -Sports needs more promos
  • Poker System against other users ?
  • Double reload event
  • Weekly reload wheel? (with prizes x3,x5,x10, x25)

We are in a mf bullrun keep us attracted to stake, reloads are garbage.

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  • Forum Admin

Stake originally had a huge fundamental vision regarding provable fairness as its the most honest form of gambling. Since the inception of the slot games form third party providers, that has started a shift in things.

Our biggest hurdle with poker was making it provable fair, as that would completely change the industry, which is a huge goal of ours. We are all poker fans and hopefully will see poker on our platform.

As for all your other suggestions. We run far more promotions than any of our competitors. That's why you are here, if the reloads were in fact garbage, you wouldn't be posting right now and playing on the site. 

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