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💃[$200] I Love Dance 🎶🩰🏆

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I Love Dance 🎶




Hey Stake dancers!

We have a new challenge for all Dance lovers

 Whether you love Salsa, Bachata, Argentine tango, Rumba, Samba, Cha cha, solo performance or partner dance, grab your dancing shoes 🩰 and join the challenge!  💃💃


-Record your dance via YouTube channel or any with TITLE: I Love Dance.
-Only users with linked stake accounts will be eligible, and the reward will be paid to the linked account.

Additional Requirements:
Post/comment the link of your recordings here on the thread.
You need to have 10 or more posts on Forum in order to participate. 
Support team members and moderators will voluntarily participate in the decision-making and announcement of winners after the competition ends. You can submit your entries up to 28th February midday GMT. 
Prizes would be distributed on Monday, 1st March.

Prize Pool:

🥇1st place - $100
🥈2nd place - $70
🥉3rd place - $30

Best of luck and let's dance together!

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Star, star, star

I can see in your eyes the sparkle of the stars

Star, star, Star

The Sparkle of your eyes i found in the stars

Maybe it was too fast

The quaking of my heart for your heart

Maybe i'm persistent, doesn't listen in my mind

I can't force it.

Seems like i'm floating in heaven

But drowning in your smiles

And If we're meant only up to now

I will treasure our past together

And if we do reach the end

Just hold on tight

We will reach the stars

Even though i'm not in this world for you

As if the whole world sees

When you're embracing me ...ohh

Star, star,star

I can see in your eyes the sparkle of the stars........





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