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Monthly Hypothetical's

Mega Monthly? 🤑😱😭  

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Chances are, if you've visited any of Stake's chatrooms; you know exactly what Monthly is. It's the most popular off-topic conversation of all time. 😁 Now, what would you do if Monthly was no more? Well....At least in the way we are all familiar....😉

Let's say Stake decided to switch the monthly format, which is, you basically get a rebate from the cumulative wagers you've personally made in the past 30 days or so. 💰

But now, instead of all eligible individuals receiving a monthly rebate, only 25 players get a rebate. Here's the catch...ALL Wagers on Stake from the previous 30 days are still counted.

So essentially 25 (active) lucky players, (No Repeats winners & No "Most Wager" Advantages) will become fairly well off over night. Month after month. Would you sacrifice your monthly fix for a chance at splitting hundreds of thousands with 25 players? Vote and leave your comments below. 

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