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Stake review after 6+ months that 3rd party slots have been launched!

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Greetings, as you may know, 3rd party providers are already on Stake for more than 6 months. Since then we have done many improvements and we are going to work harder to give you much better experience on Stake.

Feel free to share you opinion and experience in the last 6 months on Stake, use this thread to comment. 

Also leave if you have any suggestion that we can do to make all this even better. :)

One more thing, tell us how do you see Stake in one year. 

Best of luck, cheers! 🍀

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Adding 3rd party on stake is thr biggest thumbs up not that I dont like the stake originals but sometimes it will bored you when your on losing streak/red days.

Weekly Slot Top Multiplier or Win Holder!

Every week it reset and the one who isnthe highest multiplier and win in a  week win it.

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