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Medical fasting/starvation diet

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7 hours ago, SuddenlyBroke said:

Very cool, this is just water? for this amount of time? 

My friend has done this before, I tried it, managed 4 days. 

I'm thinking of trying it again in the new year. I found first 2 days were tough but then physically it was ok, it was just psychological craving to want to eat something that caved me in. 

I had a prop bet with my friend, the first one to come off before the 30 day time we set has to eat dog food... I came off first, but luckily I was let off without having to eat dog food ;/ 

But yeah want to try again in new year. 

Do you find you lost much weight in your 25 day fast? Did any of it stay off?

How did you handle socializing? or did you just cut that back?

just water

I lost first time 13 kg

second - 18kg

third  - 18kg

I didn`t have a problem with socializing. but if I need to speak with somebody I always got with me brush and toothpaste because I afraid of my breath/ this is a most uncofortable thing in starvation 

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On 31.12.2017 at 5:55 PM, SuddenlyBroke said:

How was your energy levels like in days 10+ ? How about when you was at day 20? Did you still manage to function normally , or did you have to rest a lot?

I hadn't any problem with my energy levels at all/ First experience of starvations I also slept less then ever / I had a lot of energy and 2-4 hours sleeping at night

18 hours ago, RicciRivero said:

fasting? just water right? i still didnt have any experience of that. :) many muslims are doing this its traditional i guess. ill try this when i feel heavy haha. thankyou

yes just water. Once I had 4 days starvation without water

Not many muslims had this experience . Ramadan isn`t strvation/ Ramadan - fasting during the daytime. Until the sun sets. Then you can eat


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On 2/14/2018 at 11:37 PM, hux said:

my biggest problem with fasting is i put the weight back on within a few weeks, any way/advice to stop this?

ha yes fast after you eat again! joke. 

tbh i think fasting is a bit stupid I have decided. 

I tried maybe 4 times I never last too long. I like food and alcohol too much. 

maybe for some people fasting works but not for me!

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Long term fasting is, in my opinion, not the greatest for the body when it revolves around low nutrient consumption. However, I can get behind fluid diets that consist of juicing so that you're getting wholesome vitamins, minerals, and other replenishing nutrients. This method I have tried a few times for two week up to a month. By doing so, my energy levels stayed up and cravings were minimal. And yes, I looked better, felt better, lost a little weight, and bowels definitely proved I was going thru the phases and eliminating what I needed to from my body.

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