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What did you do or buy with the money you already won at the Games?​​

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  • Hello to everyone who is part of the stake family. Would you like to know what you have already bought with the money you earned in cryptocurrencies through games? A house? A car? Or other things? And you who have not yet managed to earn any money in cryptocurrencies, when you win what you are going to do? Save the money? Invest? Or shopping? And you who are Vip here at the Stake, have you ever been presented with a physical gift?
  • You who already made a lot of money in one day, but kept playing and lost everything, what did you feel at the time? If it were today what would you do differently?
  • Thank you for your attention and I wish you success and good luck in everyone's games.😉
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Haven’t won big at stake yet.

lost 3 parlays fo 25 teams with just 1-2 games or payout would have been 20k$.


so right now highest wins i guess is just 200$ of 5$.

nothing much compared my big parlay wins on other fiat sportsbook.

i did 5$ into 6500$ and than didn’t wanted to withdraw from ewallets to bank so apend it all on aliexpress etc shopping for tech stuff  some of which are still useful .

so this was 1-2 years back yeah now as i ahve won 400-500 here and there but not hitting a big one this time gonna invest for future.



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I started with 150$ on eth and then some up & down happened ended up at 400$ at that time im not sure wether to take my W with 400$ or keep playing and pushing my luck. unfortunately i ended up lost everything now lmao.. if it were today i would just take my 400$ and go buy nintendo switch or something, unlucky really

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