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i stick to tennis depending on which stage in the tournament they are in, early qualifiers and first rounds is easy money usually, once further you have to be more careful, hockey(nhl) is quite consistent also , i avoid football now because they draw more ofton than win

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I think the only sensible answer to this is.. Whichever sport you follow and know most about. 

If you follow the sport / league, you're going to know the best teams, players, current form and injuries. 

Sports betting will always have unpredictability.. It's all about having a much information as possible, and using that in an unbiased way, to give you the best possible chance of getting a positive result. 

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I would bet on football. After all, it's the most popular sport on this planet. I don't know a single person that doesn't know how to play it. Everybody has heard about Messi or Ronaldo. When it comes to betting, that is a different story. I have a couple of friends and we like to gather together and place random bets with small amounts of money on https://www.u12x.com/แทงบอล/. It's something fun. We are not expecting to win huge sums of money. But I know that there are people who are obsessed with this and they have even lost their fortune. I don't want to end up like this

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In my opinion, there are many sports that are ideal to bet on. I think the idea here is more like, you should bet on a sport where you have a little, average or vaste knoledge on, to minimise the chances of losing your money rapidly.

What I mean is you can't start bettin on sports like table tennis because your friend tells you he makes the most out of it on bets, whereass you don't know the players or rules involved in this event.

Idealy, you can bet on fotball as there are big and powerful teams world known involved like Man cty, Barcelone, Bayern, Psg that has often great odds and high chances of winning.

More so, many bookmakers offer alternative markets like corners, red cards so you have a wide variety of choices plus there sometimes share tips which can help guide you in your selections. Here's an interesting review on some good ones https://bit.ly/3lHpe5X

Or you can bet on NBA basketbal over and under markets. Its sure and fast.

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