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Hello everyone!

I want to share with you a video that I really like, from a very friendly Brazilian.

Even if you don't understand Portuguese I think the video is very cool, you can have an idea of what do we eat around here.


If someone likes videos like that share it with me! I love seeing the different cultures around the world.

The link above is a driver making eggs, bacon, salami and a bread plus coffee.

10:36 "cadê a cuié, onde é que vocês botaram minha cuié? Cala a boca homi não vê que eu to gravando? Onde é que tá minha cuié? Meninas, cadê minha cuié? Oh, meu Deus tá qui na minha mão."

In english: "Where is my spoon? Where did you put my spoon? Be quiet I'm recording, can't you see? Where is my spoon? Girls, where is my spoon? Oh, omg it's right here in my hand" 😄🤣

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That's fried eggs with bacon, we eat them all around the world :)
Ok, here is my favorite food, I am not russian by the way :). This food is quite exotic and unusual for us, those from the western hemisphere. I find it to be a very good food for recovery days as it is mainly made out of vegetables and is abundant in vitamins. I usually go to the gym three days a week, I follow a routine from https://inshape.blog/healthy-food/healthy-omelette/. Monday, wednesday and friday are gym days and tuesday and thursday are borscht days :).



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