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An option for cheaper slow btc withdrawals


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With the increased price levels, trading activity in BTC has been on the rise these few months. However this makes high priority BTC transactions rather expensive for casual gamblers. A withdrawal today is charged $11.23. I understand that Stake uses next block fees to reasonably guarantee you will get your BTC in ~10 minutes, and they even cover the difference for us when the necessary fee is higher than that.

However for people like me, I would like the option to acknowledge that I may not get my withdrawal today or even tomorrow, and accept a very slow transaction, around 15 sat/byte (~$2 today) or a comparable fee level determined by some automatic process monitoring the fee levels. I don't care if I get it within 1 day or 1 week, just that it should be cheap. On days with normal (non-ATH trading frenzy) activity, there usually is at least one period within 24 hours where a 15 sats transaction should go through.

Of course this only adds to the workload of staff. Some guy will select it, go through all the warnings and complain to support he is not getting his withdrawal in 10 minutes. There may be long periods of crazy trading where the slow fee leads to transactions being stuck for several days. Maybe it should only be made available to players who have made it clear that they completely understand the possible drawbacks. Maybe it could be cancellable, or "we will try 15 sats but after 7 days we will RBF it with the full $10 fee automatically"

Is the option still worth it despite these possible negative outcomes? I think it is at least worth considering, a $10+ charge on withdrawals is a huge pain point, one we would never have imagined even 6 months ago. Market conditions have changed and it would be nice to look into offering more user friendly options in an area 100% of players have to deal with.

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I see two options for solve this problem:

1. Lighting network for small deposits and withdrawals. It also can be used for some advertisement purposes.

2. Batching transactions. I like how it implemented on freebitco. You can chose instant (market fees) or regular (batching fees) withdraw. And stake will do one batching transaction per day for users who want cheaper fees but don't urgent to get their BTC.

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