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Technology trends for 2018: Blockchain 2.0

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The term blockchain was one of the mots used this year, after Bitcoin, but is still vague for a lot of people. What is it really ? How is it working ?

We are still in the infancy of the technology but we already see new blockchain, better than the BTC one (look at IOTA for example). For some 2018 will be the year of the next generation of blockchain and a better understanding of it ... but also with more regulation about it.


In 2018 you’ll see the technology reach maturity as the benefits of sharing investments and information over a blockchain become clear.

Even big names like Google are working on some project about that technology because "the pace of innovation in the digital currency space is unmatched."

Source : https://startups.co.uk/tech-trends-2018-blockchain-2-0/

Can you imagine what big brands with big money could make with a blockchain ? I'm waiting to see what Facebook, Google & co will have in their basket in the coming months/years ;)

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