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My own experience of stake after 2 years.

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State of stake
Hello everybody, I m playing on stake for almost 2 years now, and I tought to share what I personally think about this casino.
I will take in analysis the various aspect of the game offered by stake, alongside with my personal comment on any of them ( personal, it means that’s my idea on that game, you can agree or disagree, my tought were my experience across 2 year of daily play)
Let’s get started from the general aspect of stake: the vip system.
Stake tend to be a little exagerating on the return to player bonuses..
What we actually hAve is once time bonus on level up (bronze,silver and so on), basically this bonus is nothing more than the an extra rakeback of the amount needed to wager across the levels..
Second bonus coming up from plat2 is reload, reload is a bonus decided by your vip host, that bonus in my experience is just random, it tend to grow when you wager more but the actual spike on it it comes when you lose more than 2grand in the last 7 days.
Third bonus is a weekly one, wich is pretty nice and kinda easy to figure out what amount to expect, let’s say roughly 1000$ wager =1 dollar extra onweekly+ base amount of your vip levels..it sound pretty great but again that’s nothing more than your rakeback accumulated during the week plus a little extra depending on your levels. For sports better it’s the same but instead of 1$ for 1000 wager is around 1$ for 335$ wagered.
Least but not last we got one monthly
Bonus, it’s either a one claim with a decent amount on it, or reloads for lower level than platinum. Again this bonus is based on your month wager ? Not really sure how they calculate this.
So end of the day all those bonuses are far away to be a free bonuses.. and sorry to say (again that s my personal point of view, you don’t have to agree with me at all) that’s pretty standard bonus from many big online casino, maybe they don’t offer reload but they offer cashback on your deposit and such..

Let’s now walk into the desk support of stake. Stake offer a 24/7 live support where you can access directly from the website. Their support team is great, no doubt about that, only little thing is that some of technical error happening and reported to live support are actually kinda unaddressed, and unless you contact Eddie on Telegram or start with a long mail fight... the technical problem you had it will be fixed by time more than support.

Let’s jump now on the actual games and service that stake offer to players, starting with sportbook.
It is pretty well made, and most of the time it’s working. The live bet (like every other online bookie) isn’t always accurate, and sometimes it’s frustrating to see your bet jumping from a good odds, example 2x, to a mediocre odd like 1.3.. that’s not an easy issue to fix tho, due to the latency that everybody can have. 
But the most annoying thing is not being able to cashout one of your active bet, despite having no reason at all to not being able to.. 

Third game provider on casino:
Most of the game i tried either live game, live game show, and slot worked kinda well, without any major error to report..

Stake originals:
Stake offer a good selection of traditional casino games, with a good addiction of two of most popular crypto games, dice and crash.
My favorite and mostly game played is dice. After countless hours of playing via website or via api. It works well and eventually you can even win something out of it, before insane lags come or errors, or a combo of them both... 
definitely my best run came from flat betting and hunting 50x or more as payouts. But at the end of the day I don’t feel playing dice on stake is a great idea.. despite his major brother primedice it’s one or even the best site out there to play dice.
Keno originals: pretty good game and most of the time working, there some great runs started from keno.

The only things I really dislike is the %chance of winning a certain payout reported on the game itself, I don’t know who calculate them, but I think he has to review his statistical math skill..
Hi-Lo, unfortunately I cannot exprime much in this game since I played it very few times compared to dice or keno. It seems a fun game, but also it seems eating balances whenever somebody commit a high percentage of his bankroll.
Stake blackjack: stay away from it 🤣, or try to learn when game wants to give you some green and try to capitalize on that, but overall I just stay away from that, if I want to play bj stake offers evolution live bj wich imho is top notch.

Thank you for reading my toughts about stake, I will finish the originals game another day because I do not have more time to write right now.
Good luck everybody.


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stake is awesome. because of my VIP host eddie. i remember the one day, it was like satan himself was picking the random numbers. i lost roughly $12k USD in 30 minutes. i was sick. eddie reached out to me, and said "hey man, are you alright? i saw that the last 24 hours weren't so kind to you" i responded with "mongolians were kinder than the last 24 hours. but i'm good man" and then he hooked up a bonus for me. 

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