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[$8,000] NCAA March Madness 2021

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NCAA March Madness 2021

Entries close: 19/03/21

Welcome to the first annual Stake March Madness Tournament Giveaway!

With how the NCAA has shown really popular on the site we decided to host a giveaway specifically designed for its playoffs known as March Madness!

How to join:

1. Create an account on espn.com 

2. Join our group

Group name: StakeMarchMadness 
Password: StakeSportsbook

(You can also find the group through this link: https://fantasy.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2021/en/group?groupID=3678375)

3. From here, you will need to create a bracket with your predicted winners of each matchup (matchups will be available on March 14th)

4. Once joined & picked, post your Stake.com username, your espn.com username and a bracket name here on this topic!



  • One account per household
  • To participate you need to have an account on the Stake.com site (don't post your forum username as an entry, we need Stake.com username to be able to credit you the prize)


Prize Pool Distribution: 

  • Under 100 entries: $2,000 prize
  • 100 - 250 entries: $4,000 prize
  • 250 - 500 entries: $6,000 prize
  • 500+ entries: $8,000 prize

The top 10 users will receive a portion of the prize based on the number of participants with distribution been done in this order:

  • 1st place - 30% of the prize pool
  • 2nd place - 20% of the prize pool
  • 3rd place - 15% of the prize pool
  • 4th place - 10% of the prize pool
  • 5th place - 7.5% of the prize pool
  • 6th to 10th place - 3.5% of the prize pool


If you need any further assistance with how to join or participate in the giveaway, feel free to ask. You can learn more about how it works on this link: https://fantasy.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2021/en/story?pageName=tcmen\howtoplay

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