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Hello dear Mates! :)


Today I am celebrating my second birthday on STAKE. I paste screenshot below. Unfortunetly I can not type on main STAKE chat because of perm which I got alike 3 months ago ? From main things I can say for sure that lasts only 8% wager to get by me silver VIP :) Hope it will come soon ! :) 

Generally I want wish everyone from "STAKE family" only positive days, big winnings, more control when things go on wrong side ( ripping ), and at most health and long life !!


Best wishes and GL !! :)



Zrzut ekranu 2021-03-13 o 03.35.14.png

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9 minutes ago, gregorlca said:

thanks and good luck to you Mate! 

In past STAKE gave small bonus when you had anniversary, but now they withdraw from it I think :(

Yes, but they did generate a lot of bonus during this time, fun for me :D 

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Posted (edited)
10 minutes ago, Takezo Kensei said:

Passive and direct begging...sorta like the point of this post

ye ye.. do you know what ? I have and idea... call to police officer and tell him you want became a begging detective and also if he arrange You that position you will be buying for him donuts till he retire

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