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When did you buy your first bitcoin?

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I bought mine on April 8, 2017 20 U.S dollar. .0199 btc.. It is crazy when you check you transaction history ..How time flies and regret if you just hold it and just put it in your wallet.

Feel free to share your experience guys. 

Thanks have a good one!

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I have 200 btc still caught up in the mt gox debacle which are probably the first btc i purchased, a little after i remember mining some on my laptop maybe 11 years ago?  Hindsight is 20 20, its very hard to let that go but definatly doesnt make life any easier to dwell on it

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I bought it quite recently. Before, when I heard about cryptocurrency, I thought it was an investment for very rich people. I didn't buy it that much. But I like the fact that I have bitcoin. I often use the site https://coinabu.com/ to check how different cryptocurrencies are growing. I don't want to stop at bitcoin and develop different cryptocurrencies.

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