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🧨April Fools| Prank Challenge ​🧨


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🧨 Aprils Fools 🧨


Greetings, Stakers!

This day could be like any other except, no, it can't 😜 The 1st of April will never be a normal day. Many jokes, pranks, and gags to choose from, and the age here doesn't matter. We all like to prank someone, but do we like to be pranked? 🤡 Where should we start? With throwing eggs 🥚 at a house, toilet paper 🧻, hiding behind the door dressed as some scary horror character? 🧟‍♂️ Maybe we should level-up, with some master plan or a game to prank someone. Garry has decided to share some gifts but he's asking for some naughtiness in return. Do you think you can pull it off?

📌 Categories and Prizes: 

  1. Draw a Prank master plan (Stake related or not) 
  2. Video of a prank you played on someone or someone played on you
  3. Pick a Staker or one of the staff members you'd do a prank on and explain the prank process     

📌 Prizes:

  • 1st category winner: $100
  • 2nd category winner: $100
  • 3rd category winner: $100
  • One winner per category
  • All who met the requirements but did not win one of the first four places will get $5 as a reward.
  • Extra note: If there's a category that no one participated in, then another category will have more than one winner.

📌 Requirements and How to Enter:

1. For the first category, upload a picture of your drawing. You must sign your drawing with a headline (Prank Master Plan), date, and your Stake username. Here's the idea by the famous K. McCallister 😝👉 https://prnt.sc/10ycw27 

2. For the second category, to prove you're the one making the entry, in the end, or at the beginning of the video you must hold a piece of paper with the following hand-written content: 

  • 'April Fools'
  • Date 
  • Your Stake username
  • Record your prank via YouTube channel or any with the TITLE: April Fools 2021.

3. For the third category, you need to type Staker's username or the name of the staff member you have picked and your Stake username.

  • Photo-shopped pictures, the use of any filters while taking a photo, or anything similar would be strictly forbidden.
  • Make sure not to insult, not to be offensive, and keep in mind that this day is all about laughing. 
  • One valid entry per household.
  • If you didn't meet any of the requirements of the contest, you can be disqualified. 
  • 20+ Post count on the Forum.
  • We do not want to violate the rules of the Forum, so this promotion won't include revealing any personal information, and posting images and videos from some other platforms with/without hashtags would be automatically excluded from this contest.
  • Winners will be chosen by Community Managers and announced at the end of this topic within 24 hours of the Challenge closing date. 
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Posted (edited)

Victim: All the mods, but especially Mina (because of she loves to :) so much)

My Username: dupeddonk

Program the chat so that every time a player says something there's a 10% chance it appears in ALL CAPS.  Also (hope this isn't too offensive), any time a mod says ":)" it's replaced with "8===D'.

Like this:


(not real, but also not photoshopped, which would be against the rules)


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Stake: HarriP

Prank; Dusan

I would begin to take a bank loan for this prank since it will cost me some money, don't worry! It will be worth it!
I would find a way to be able to infiltrate eddies work-mail and contact Dusan and tell him because he has been such a nice guy in sports-chat and also did his work in such an amazing way, We are promoting him to CEO! I would tell him he had to move to Australia and I buy a plane ticket and tell him that there is an apartment waiting for him so he can end his current apartment contract in Serbia. Dusan flies to Australia.. No job. No apparment. GG. :/

Remember, I love you Dusan, just a joke! 3

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Victim: nena2019

My user: ozuna2807

me: friend in stake they placed a new coin and that they are going to give several showers of that coin.

Her: I don't see any new coins.

Me: yes friend, update the page

Her: go back to the page and update and she will tell me that it does not appear.

Me: yes this friend, I'm going to pass you a capture.

and the April fools Day image will appear

hahahaha friend sorry you wasted time looking for the coin



April fools Day.jpg

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Posted (edited)

So here is the thing I appreciate all the staff from Stake since a lot of you guys have helped me in the past , but Dusan has earned himself a special place in my heart.

And here is what I would do to him if I had the option. (Hoping covid is gone by then)


Later this year his favorite football team and his nations team Serbia is playing against Portugal , after the 2 teams drew in Serbia it is already a very hyped up game. If this go to normal I should be platinum 2 until then and have him as my vip host. 

1 month before the game call Dusan and tell him I got VIP tickets , First Class flight , and the chance to take pictures with CR7 before the game. Assure him everything is already arranged & paid for , so that he has nothing to do but relax and enjoy the amazing trip. Once we arrive in Portugal , I'll have an airport employee tell him that I took the wrong flight and that also his bags are missing,but make sure he gets to the hotel. He would obviously call me afterwards and with a saddend attitude I would share my regrets with him.


And here comes the fun part, with no bags lost or friends in wrong aiports , I would suprise him couple hours before the game with a limo & champagne in front of his hotel picking him up and going to enjoy the game.


Ps: I love you mr. 300KG Bench 🥰💪

username : YZYETH

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Posted (edited)

This prank would go towards Mr. Dusan.

Username: luissinti

First of all I would contact Eddie talking about my plan. Afterwards he will call Dusan saying that we got VIP tickets for Serbia's game vs Luxembourg for September's game, and also we would have the chance to meet Miltrovic and other players from the team.

2 days before the game, me and Eddie would get to the Serbia's Stadium to meet Miltrovic so he could help us with our Plan. Dusan would arrive to the city in 1 day, and before that we needed to get some hotel rooms for us 3. The day that Dusan arrives to the hotel, Eddie will wear a Miltrovic's mask and stay hidden on Dusan's room, so when I get him to the room he would laugh at Eddie, but afterwards the real Miltrovic gets out of the bathroom and surprise Dusan 😂



Edited by Legacy
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Victim: Eddie + Community Managers

Username: ruvi

I post in the chat I received an email that there is a desire to promote to a very significant position one of the community managers.
For the purpose of promotion, an e-mail is sent to 100 players who must rank the community managers. The players' rankings will be 50 percent to consider who will be selected for the same position. The other 50 percent will be at the discretion of management / Eddie.
Of course you are not allowed to tell community managers in chat about receiving the e-mail - oops I did not notice :).
Surprisingly, Eddie starts getting a lot of messages from community leaders with compliments he has never received from them .. On his desk is suddenly placed 10 cups of coffee and tea (also coffee from community manager Tamara who suddenly has the power to prepare :)) ... the main thing to get the job The coveted ..
Here is the place to say thank you for everything !!!

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Staker to be pranked : Dracco121

Dracco is my favourite streamer. Every other day one or the other coin is pumping and going to the moon. I would go to his stream and tell him eth price has increased 10000% in the last 5 minutes😸. He really likes that coin. I am sure he will get fully hyped and go to check the value 😂😆. Then when he sees nothing like that I'll just tell him it was a prank that I had planned. I am sure there will be a lot of "gamotos" and "holy macaronis" as he likes to say them😀.

Stake: Nastyy

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  • Administrator

You can claim prizes on the link below until the 20th of April:

Make sure you are logged in into the proper account :)

1st category winner: vhin27
2nd category winner: Zamia2001
3rd category winner: JacksonPalmer

Congrats to the 20 winners!
Thank you all for participating in all these events. Good luck all!

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