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Experience When you Join Gambling site for the first time?

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I play gambling for the first time a few years ago. And stake was my first place.
I still remember, my first time playing dice, with Multiplier 2 and I only swap the roll for an over & under, doubling it when I lost. That's ridiculous, I lost 0.01 ETH if I'm not mistaken at that point 😀

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My first gambling site to play is primedice. I have fun and meet some friends there and I'm happy for that.. Then I found stake because of that.. I gamble for fun, I accept loses and wins. It's part of the gambling, the most important for me is just being happy 😊

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Now, im not really a hardcore or good gambler, but the main joy i get from Stake is interacting with chat and building up little friendships with people that i see there often. I highly recommend it. Plus, posting your sick wins in chat and having people congratulate you feels good ;)

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Mine was with a platform called roadbet. Used to work great back in time with Perfect money wallet. One of the reason that i am here is that there are markets available in Stake.com similar to the roadbet. Not necessary, I was very less interested in the casino side of things from the beginning. Rather sports betting in that platform was very fun. My beginner luck was so strong while starting out, that I was grossing around 200-300$ per week for about 2 months with very small starting fund of 10-20$. After that had some similar beginner's luck in betvictor and bet365 bonus. After that the luck has been downhill.  As of now, I am enjoying sport betting with soccer most of the times here at stake.com with crypto.

Gamble only what you can afford to lose! Good luck to you for healthy gambling and wins ! Cheers ! 

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I started gambling less than a year before during lockdown. Initially i was betting only with sports as i used to observe certain games deeply. then slowly started playing casino games. is actually fun. more importantly i'm being very conscious not to lose big. 

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