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I am a "big" crash gambler, i used to play alot on others sites.

I'd like to start my stake adventure and i was wondering if you were offering any 300% wagering bonus for a 5k+ deposit since i don't really plan to withdraw anytime soon even if the wager is x40, it's fine to me.

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Hey mikii94, welcome to the Stake forum.

As far as I know, Stake has some good promotions when you sign up through an affiliate link, like reloads, deposit bonuses and stuff. I am pretty sure an admin will reach you out.

Best of luck,


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Hi, there are only 200% bonus, which is good but i'd like to know if a 300% was possible, i'd stick to stake only casino if only that was possible, we can't have our own custom script on stake crash game :(

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