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Any suggestions earning crypto from mobile phone?

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i watch a lot of videos particularly on my mobile device these days and i heard you can
get remunerated doing that.

recently i gained interest in cryptocurrency and looking to get my feet wet.

After some research i found you could actually earn bitcoin watching videos or viewing ads something like that from your mobile device.

I'm wondering if anyone here has tried earning bitcoin from their mobile device without buying it

what apps do you use and how much are you generating each month?

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22 hours ago, Tristan said:

You should be able to download the Brave web browser on your phone. 

Here is a link to their https://brave.com/

You can earn BAT while browsing.

it is a good browser. I used it on different devices and it was interesting. it won't make you rich but it's free money

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Brave is an amazing thing, yes, can recommend.


Also don't believe these shitty "mobile mining" coins like "Sweatcoin" or "Pi", they are not cryptocurrencies, these kind of "watch 5000 ads to get 5 cent" or "invite 1000 friends to get 10 cent" kind of apps existed long before cryptocurrency even was a thing and are still just a way for the app devs to sell your data and actually profit from it. I am not saying you can not make money out of it, but everything they claim is 99% a lie and just a pyramid scheme.

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Brave browser is probably the best, been using it on laptop and mobile for some time.. Your never going to get rich from it, but it does keep building up. 


Another is LBRY.. Think YouTube, but you get a bit of crypto for watching content. Not a large amount of content there yet, but plenty of crypto related youtubers have set up on it too. 


I've also tried cryptotab browser, similar to brave, but rewards are BTC. Brave wins hands down in my opinion. 

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For normal day to day use case, As of now I have found two of the possible earning. But not huge earning, stable and collectables over the time. One is Brave browser - BAT token (https://brave.com/brave-rewards/) which lets you collect BAT token which is around $1.4 per 1 BAT , also gives browsing privacy and many benefit over Chrome, also in terms of contributing creators. Also, there is Bittorrent project coins (https://www.bittorrent.com/token/btt/), BTT which is earned for seeding if when you use torrent as reward for peer to peer speed increase when downloading big files. Let me know if you have found others similar use cases. Cheers.  

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