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What are the best slots to play with 0.10 bet?

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On 4/20/2021 at 12:22 AM, dupeddonk said:

I have a tip: if you want to play lower stakes on games made by relax, switch to euro.  It's 10 cent min for euro, 20 cent for usd. 

Oh, that's what I do!

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you can check out this google doc from "Shinesta" who listed every slot on stake categorized by minimum bet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10acXB_z7W8yctykINmuujyQ7Mh9SKQw09-lYx2JMbrI/edit#gid=0

Unfortunately the doc hasn't been updated for a long while now, but you might still be able to find some good 10-cent-slots there.

Personally I really like "Carnival Queen", "Mega Masks" and "Devil's Number"

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On 4/24/2021 at 4:47 PM, skanderberg said:

I would try some Highbonus slots. So the Race is long for it, but the win may be great.

Recently I asked the same question and realized that it is best to use new resources - they have high bonuses, despite the higher risk. By the way, you can look at reviews for each slot on certain sites and they often indicate the size of the bonus. A friend of mine pointed out to me the spin palace casino bonus, which is really high. Therefore, I want to try myself in this. Or has someone tried it? I would like to hear the opinions of those who have already tried it. If anyone has any suggestions or resources, I will be grateful, because it is really difficult to find high bonuses with such a small stake.


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