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🏆​[$90] Stake Maintenance Boredom Prize|

Takezo Kensei

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I went outside for the first time since the last maintenance. The sun was shining so bright I nearly went blind. But it was nice, reached my all time high daily step count of 200.


nick rAkoid888

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First 30min: Checking stake every 2min if its real

Next: Opening Warcraft III, and playing with Nexos round on "Survival Chaos' map -Get reckt

I'm going with my dog for a 25-minute walk

I'm starting to clean up in my room

I'm starting to clean up the desktop

I'm starting to clean up the phone

At 4 a.m. I start to file a tax return to the tax office


I'm starting the Dragon ball series from the beginning, and fall asleep

at 9 am I wake up and go to stake, which is already running - my reload has expired, I am writing to Tyler to renew it. I'm starting a new day.


Username - SethSilver



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What i did was gave my parrot a bath..  Played with my kitties.. 

Then watched insidous horror movie with my curtains n lights off.. 

One thing is that i was hiding behind my sofa as it became very scary the noises from the film.. 

Amazing moving  wtched it till end 😂😂😂


Then it was time to get back to normal n return to stake 😂😂😂

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2 minutes ago, mijanka said:

If i have time i will fix my umbrella to take all the assorted cryptocurrencies from the kings of stake.

User name: mijanka

Also check why plinko never pays  me 1000x and dice always clear my balance. By the way i didnt forget these TT players. I will ask these riggers how they can succeed while they were ahead at 2-0 then selling thegame to 2-3

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