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Dash will be available in 10,000 Retailers in Spain


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If you were asking why Dash too an easy 100$ in value in the last few hours, this news could be the reason. Dash signed a new partnership with the startup Bitnovo . 

Dash will be more easily available for customers in Spain soon. The partnership will allow consumers to purchase Dash in stores through coupons and in selected Carrefour and Media Markt outlets through the purchase of gift cards.


Carrefour and Media Markt are big supermarkets in Spain, the later is simply the Europe’s largest consumer electronics retailer and Carrefour have a presence in over 130 countries. Plus Bitnovo will launch soon some Dash ATM and they plan to expand in all Europe later.

Source : https://coinjournal.net/new-partnership-brings-dash-cryptocurrency-10000-retailers-spain

Dash is already a top currency in price but with that news and their new platform coming in 2018, i will not be surprise to see it rising more than twice the actual price before the end of the year ;)

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