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I'm an crypto-investor.

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I'm sitting on my computer in my cozy 13m2 apartament which I got from president as a reward for completing my studing in high school. Calculators in my room are beeping in incomprehensible intervals of time, counting my profits on undergrounded bitcoin and other, false cryptocurrencies. I don't hear the ticking of the clock, I hear squeak of calculators, it's them defining my mode of life. It's them are my life.

I'm thirsty, I want to eat something, but the fridge is empty because I invested everything in cryptocurrencies, if I could, I would sell my fridge too, for atleast a little of currency, but people on the purchase of scrap metal treated me like shit... The real traders do not have life easily.

I drink still water because since I import LPG from the USA even the cheapest water leapt. Tap water, ordinary, from the tap, healthy, good.


if u'd like the continuation leave me comment:)

I'm bad at english, the correncies are welcome !

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