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The next improvement for Stake Business


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On 5/2/2021 at 12:47 AM, kazzim said:

I believe that the near future update in Stake's Marketing Business should be the issuing of Visa Card .

Where Stake users have the possibility to Load Their own Stake Visa Cards instantly and directly from Stake wallets without fees.

Fees are only applied when Users are spending their funds  using Stake Visa Card .

Stake users are able to:


Reserve and manage your Visa Card on Stake website.

Top up your card using your Fiat Wallet, Stake Wallet, or credit/debit card .

ATM withdrawals.

And shop online worldwide anywhere Visa is accepted.

Cash back every time Visa Card is used .


Feel free to comment your opinion about My Suggestion!






stake visa.jpg

I like this. I hope stake will consider this.


Stake: FckMyLife

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it will the best idea but now i think we r now like cashless and cordless society use  wallet so change it to stake wallet service with virtual card is better  cause in my country most of store are using QR for pay with wallet bank so and accept virtual credit just fill no. and cvv so it will more easier to live with lazy life haha

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For retailers, it’s common to accept cash and credit card payments from customers. But if those are the only payment options you accept, you could be turning away new customers and missing out on opportunities to deepen relationships with existing ones.



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Excellent idea on paper.

However, Judging on other Crypto Visa Cards there would be some extortionate hidden fees :

These cards are attached and affiliated to only one fiat currency.  Any transactions in any other currency attracts an exchange fee.

If purchasing items via a merchant (store, pub, etc) they will charge on average, a further  5% transaction fee, even though Debit card transactions are free in most European Countries

If withdrawing from a cash machine there is also a further withdrawal charge which can be as high as 10% in some some countries.

There can also be a further charge just for using the card, though this depends on the clearing provider & Country of use.


If these can be Ironed out, then yes, a debit card would be a very attractive option.

Sorry for putting a dampener on what, otherwise, is a fantastic way forward


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8 hours ago, Skaberlaberhey said:

I like the idea, very creative. However............. I've never seen a card solely for casino spendings only. So I think Stake can make a Cryptocurrency exchange wallet as well. Like SafePal or something.... idk. don't mind me I'm just sleepyyy.

The card issued by stake is not for spending funds on stake but for wd the funds you already have on stake to your card ....than use your card for shopping anywhere Visa is accepted !

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You can create Stake proprietary token, from BSC (Binance Smart Chain) tokens, as decentralized BSC tokens have better uses than Etherum or other Smart contarct platforms,

 If a decentralized token is provided by Stake for its financial purposes, which is also in the form of smart contracts, I think it can be of great help to users as well as Stake in terms of usefulness


Stake Token From BSC, DeFi (Binance Smart Chain Decentralized Finance )

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@kazzimnot ideal when you are going to spend your stake wallet balance on the site anyways till you lose and make more deposits. I mean if you can hold the temptation, you can always withdraw it to online wallet that comes with a card and spend it right away. 

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