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Do you know the max multi on the Slide ?


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Hey stakers  , i recently start to play on the slide.. (and he have no post on forum , lets start one) 🤣

what a surprise when i see the max multi here...


(yeah its on french)

Max multi on x4294967000 

you can't bet with 1 sato of btc cause max win is 5 btc

just imagine the potentiel of this game... 
you can see différent color of multi here :                              slide2.thumb.png.200f55a5cbec12b6165308c339e1f885.png


Then i see some people traying some strat on this game whats is yours ?

personnally i actually spam bet to 1 sato , into x100000000 ... don't wanna try to get 5 btc , one is enough 😄 

you can actually bet 15 time or more in one roll , then maybe try to get 15 btc in one roll ahah


ahah.thumb.png.9ab5e94d9ce98ff974b5a9a6155232e5.png but i think its a litle abuse about the game if its happenned one day.... then i just make one per one (for high multi) with litle bet i put 15 por 20 bet



tell me , if you play on it some time :) 

have a good day , thanks for reading and good luck

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